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Our Plugins

Dan’s Google Sheets Data Embed

Description: Data Embedder for public Google Sheets for individual cells or ranges, with live updates

DemoDan’s GSheets Demo

AWS S3 Bucket Browser

Description: Visual File Navigator for an Amazon S3 Bucket, allowing downloads that auto-expire after 60 minutes to prevent hotlinking.

DemoS3 Browser Demo



Dan’s Viewer for Google Drive

Description: Allows the user to embed public Google Drive folder in a site, and allows drill down / back up. This also allows users to either view files in browser, or download, and can auto-convert Google Docs formats.


Dan’s Embedder for Google Calendar

Description:  Allows the user to embed a public Google Calendar in a site, in either full month view or list view. Mobile Friendly


Installments for Gravity Forms and Stripe

Description: Allows the user to set Stripe Subscriptions created with Gravity Forms to auto-cancel after n payments. Useful for limited term subscriptions or installment payments.


  • Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Forms Stripe Addon

Codeblocks Extended with PrismJS

Description: Codebocks Extended with PrismJS includes syntax highlighting, copy to clipboard, and Visual + Text editor integration.


  • Creating This Plugin